Vision and concept



I’m focusing specifically on the area of food experience to understand food and communication. However, food design encompasses these multiple disciplines and requires a bird’s eye view of the entire process. As an architect and designer, my design views food as a “fact” experience rather than just a “thing”. This requires shifting from entity-oriented design to situation-oriented design.

Things and facts are often spoken of in dichotomous terms. This is true not only in design but in other fields as well. This reflects the dichotomy of tangibles and intangibles. However, I believe it is better to think of things and facts a little differently when talking about design. In the case of design, I think the difference between things and facts is one of focus. A thing (food) is a means to achieve a fact (experience), and a fact is an end. By viewing design in this way, I would like to shift our understanding of communication and experience to be central in our appreciation of food, not taking our consumption of food for granted. I also want to embody and understand latent values, meanings, and stories through design.